Do You Need To Follow The P90X Diet Plan To Lose Weight With P90X?

Do You Need To Follow The P90X Diet Plan To Lose Weight With P90X?

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Healthy FoodA recent addition to the weight loss market is the product P90X. This diet and exercise program has helped many people achieve fast and impressive results, changing their bodies not just in terms of weight, but also composition.

If the pictures of satisfied and successful consumers are accurate, it would appear that within 90 days you could turn your flab into muscle. You could train to become a successful athlete, not just a thinner version of yourself. A lot of people want to know if they must follow the associated P90X diet plan to achieve these results.

The general answer appears to be ‘no.’ A number of consumers who have tried the program or who have a background in athletic training and nutrition vouch for the reliability of a basically wholesome, balanced diet plan for losing weight, so long as it is followed in conjunction with exercise.

According to photos, most consumers have gone from being slightly flabby or a tiny bit overweight to impressively trim by shedding unwanted fat, not by losing a hundred pounds. The P90X fitness plan appeals to them because it gets them past the last plateau: those final few pounds and inches which are difficult to get rid of.

How does this system work?

The idea behind it is that the muscles, according to creator Tony Horton, need to be ‘confused.’ If they are constantly challenged and stimulated, then the plateau effect does not occur. With the exercise DVDs included in the complete training kit, you will succeed, even if you do not follow the three phase diet plan which is associated with the program.

Horton’s nutrition plan takes the user through three stages: lean protein, a mixture of low fat proteins and carefully chosen carbohydrates, and another mixture of these two elements geared towards the serious athlete who needs to fuel his or her muscles to train. The philosophy is to change your body and become an athlete, not just lose weight for a little while and put it back on within weeks or months.

Can you train yourself to eat better without these phases?

tony hortonYes, you can do your own research and come up with foods that suit your budget and preferences as long as they satisfy the requirements of the P90X plan and workout regularly with the 12 programs provided. It is also essential not to deprive your body as this is not what the diet plan is about. Muscles need calories, and a workout requires energy; whether it’s the P90X or the Insanity workout.

This means selected lean proteins at first, then confusing your body with another change, and then finishing with an eating plan that provides the necessary nutrients for long term athletic performance, and that is a lot of calories.

So: what is lean protein? What are low fat, well chosen carbohydrates?

The biggest question is ‘what are they not?’

Most people already know some of the basics (junk food such as French fries, chips, and pop are simple carbohydrates which the body turns into sugar, and then fat, fairly quickly.) Complex carbohydrates include whole grains.

Fiber is important. Certain vitamins and minerals are essential to laying down muscle and stimulating your metabolism. The P90X plan will give you some ideas, even if you prefer to execute them in your own way.

If establishing your own eating plan is too much work, then you are not alone. Lots of people suffer from poor nutrition not because they are ignorant but because they are pressed for time. When they are hungry, they eat what is readily available, meaning foods which can be bought and consumed in a hurry.

This is the very definition of fast food. If you follow a plan like the P90X, you have everything laid out for you. You receive a kick-start, thanks to someone showing you how to make wise choices. Often, this is all you need: the motivation arising from signing up for something, paying the money, and making a commitment.